3D Animation Rendering Service

CaroRender is an up-and-coming free, distributed rendering solution for Blender to be hosted by the Caroline County Public Library.

It will function as a simple, easy to use service for those who wish to offload the rendering of their projects onto
our machines.

The process will be simple.

This service will allow you to upload your Blender projects to the library’s servers. A computer cluster at the library will then process or “render” the project. Once processed, you will then be able to download final result!

What is Blender

Blender is a free, open-source graphics toolset capable of 3D modeling, animation, rendering, video editing, compositing, and much more!

Blender Logo
Offical Logo of the Blender Project

“Spring”, The Blender Foundation’s most recent in-house short film showcasing the capabilities of Blender’s 2.8 release, is a great example of what
this software allows its users to create.

What is “distributed rendering?”

What’s better than one computer chugging away at rendering a complex 3D scene?

Several computers working together in an effort to complete the process!

“Distributed” or “parallel” rendering is just that.

Image of a supercomputer cluster
The Library's supercomputer cluster on our island fortress

Who is this service for?

  • Library customers, who wish to free up resources on their home computer, rather than have it be tied up by the rendering process
  • Those who don’t possess a computer with the processing power capable of rendering a project in a timely manner