Employment Resources

Caroline County Public Library has a variety of resources to assist you with your job search.

  • Each library location has regional newspapers available for review as well as a compiled listing of online resources such as job searches, resume writing, and testing.
  • Public computers with Internet access and resume writing tools are available for use at all library locations.
  • The Community Information Bulletin Board contains the most recent Chesapeake Job Listing from Chesapeake College.
  • Also available are books, military career information, and special information for teens or first time job hunters.
  • Other resources around Caroline County include the American Jobs Center in Denton which has staff to assist you with your search and many local businesses offer online applications.

Online Resources

Apply to Local Businesses

Many area businesses continually accept resumes.

You DO NOT need an e-mail address to fill out online applications for the following companies:

  • Food Lion:
    840 South 5th Avenue Denton, MD 21629; 410-479-5350
    327 Bloomingdale Avenue Federalsburg, MD 21632; 410-754-5898
  • McDonalds: 605 North 6th Street Denton, MD 21629; 410-820-7972
    118 Morris Avenue Federalsburg, MD 21632; 410-754-3333
  • Royal Farms: 502 Market Street Denton, MD 21629; 410-479-3422
    32303 Queen Anne Highway Queen Anne, MD 21657; 410-364-5409

These businesses have on-site computerized employment kiosks and DO NOT require an email address:

  • Target:28539 Marlboro Avenue Easton, MD 21601; 410-770-6180
  • Wal-mart: 8155 Elliot Road Easton, MD 21601; 410-819-0140
    610 Legion Rd Denton, MD 21629; 410-479-0278

These businesses DO require an e-mail address to fill out online applications:

  • Burger King: 604 North 6th Street Denton, MD 21629; 410-479-9596
  • Rent-a-Center: 868 5th Avenue Denton, MD 21629; 410-479-1700
  • Dollar General: 866 South 5th Avenue Denton, MD 21629; 410-479-9149
    118 Morris Avenue # 370E Federalsburg, MD 21632; 410-754-8292
  • Lowe's: 501 Glebe Road Easton, MD 21601; 410-690-9061

Apply to Public School or Government Jobs