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Getting a Library Card
Organizational Cards
Getting a Personal Identfication Number (PIN)
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Please bring completed application to any branch of the Library.

Library Card Application - Adult
Library Card Application - Child
Formulario de Tarjeta de la Biblioteca - Adultos
Formulario de Tarjeta de la Biblioteca - Niños

Anyone who lives or owns property in Maryland is eligible for a free Caroline County Public Library card. Cards are also issued free of charge to non-resident Caroline County teachers and students attending schools in Caroline County. Non-Maryland residents pay an annual fee of $55.00 (subject to change) for a Caroline County Public Library card. A parent or guardian must sign for minors under the age of 18 if the minor does not have a valid Maryland driver’s license. Borrowers under the age of 18 who have a valid driver’s license are allowed to sign for themselves.

Borrowers must have a valid library card and PIN (Personal Identification Number) to access their account online. Anyone may apply for a library card restricted to public computer use only.

Cards are issued immediately when you register with proof of identity and current address. Identification must include the applicant’s photo, name, and current address. Acceptable documents for verification include:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • A valid Maryland State ID card
  • Verification established by a postcard sent from the Caroline County Public Library
  • Current employee or military ID
  • A current utility bill

Cardholder’s are responsible for all items borrowed on their card. To safeguard against unauthorized use, card numbers and PINs should be keep confidential.

The Caroline County card is permanent.

Your library card may be presented at any location in Caroline County and be registered at any other Maryland Public Library, subject to their policies and regulations.

If you lose your library card, report the loss immediately. Borrowers are responsible for items someone else might borrow with your lost card. Borrowers should notify the library of change of address. There is a $5 fee for a replacement card.


An organizational card may be issued to borrowers checking items out for an organization and is not for personal use. These cards work the same as a regular library card, and help an individual manage checkouts for multiple individuals from the same organization.


PINs are assigned during the registration process. PINs are needed to access online services to place holds, review library accounts and to renew materials. PINs can be reset at any time online or by calling any branch of the library. When calling the library to reset your PIN, you must have your library card number available. It is required before library staff can reset your PIN.

PINs should not be shared in order to protect borrower account information.


Any Caroline County Library cardholder may borrow books, magazines, audio materials, DVDs, audiovisual equipment, and pamphlets in the library's collection.

Cardholders must be 18 to borrow entertainment DVDs or equipment.

Current magazines, reference materials and newspapers must be used in the library.

Parents are encouraged to accompany their children to the library to monitor access to the library’s resources, including the Internet.

Checkouts are limited to 50 items per record at any given time.

The regular loan period for most library materials is 3 weeks.

The regular renewal limit is 3.

Materials are not renewable when others are waiting. Holds may be placed on most items that are not currently available. Borrowers are notified by email or mail when the item is available for pickup. Holds may also be placed online from the library's web site. Instructions for placing holds are available at each library branch and online. Up to 6 Entertainment DVDs may be reserved.

Some material types have checkout and loan limits. Borrowers may have up to 6 magazines, audiobooks, DVDs, and Music CDs.

NEW DVDs may be borrowed for 3 days.
Entertainment DVDs may be borrowed for 7 days. Entertainment DVDs may not be renewed..
Subject DVDs may be borrowed for 3 weeks. Renewal on subject DVDs is limited to 1 time, unless others are waiting.

The cardholder must be present to borrow DVDs.

The Caroline County Public Library and Caroline County Public Schools share materials when school is in session. Holds may be placed on school materials from late August through mid May by calling the library or through the library’s online card catalog.


Borrowers may renew items by calling the library, visiting any Caroline County Public Library location or in “My Account” (User ID is your Library Card number - 14 digits, no spaces) accessible through library’s website. If you do not know your PIN, please call us and we can help you set it.

All library materials should be returned on or before the due date. Other people may be waiting for the materials you have checked out. All materials can be returned to any Caroline County Public Library location or any public library system in Maryland. The library encourages borrowers to return DVD to a Caroline County Public Library location.

Bookdrops are available at the Central Library in Denton and at the Federalsburg and North County Branches for returning materials when the library is closed.


Materials not owned by the Caroline County Public Library may be ordered through the state-wide interlibrary loan service, Marina. Interlibrary loan items may be borrowed for 3 weeks. Checkouts are limited to 10 interlibrary loan items per record at any given time. Items borrowed from another Maryland Public Library may be renewed 1 time. Items borrowed from outside the Maryland network are not renewable. Interlibrary loan materials that are lost or damaged may restrict a borrower from placing future interlibrary loan requests.


Extended Use Fees

The library charges extended use fees to encourage prompt return of borrowed materials. Fees are not charged on holidays, Sundays, or on days when the lending library is closed. Long overdue items generate extended use fees equal to half the item’s value when returned.

Extended use fees will be charged daily on each overdue item. Borrowers who have bills greater than $5, more than 10 overdue items, or items more than 45 days overdue will have their borrowing privileges restricted.

Borrowers are charged the following extended use fees for materials:

Type of material Fees
Adult books, Magazines & Audio Materials $ .25 per day
Children's Books & Magazines $ .10 per day
Interlibrary Loan Items $1.00 per day
DVD $2.00 per day
Equipment $5.00 per day

Other Fees

There is a $1.00 fee for all reserved materials that are not picked up. This includes Interlibrary Loan requests as well as Caroline County materials.

A $5.00 fee is charged for replacement of lost library cards.

There is a $5.00 fee for ALL items ordered via OCLC (outside the Marina system). For more information, visit our Interlibrary Loan page.

Fees for lost or damaged library materials:

The library charges full replacement cost for items that are lost or damaged.

A processing fee of $5.00 is added to borrower records for the following:

  • Processing fee for each billed lost or damaged item.
  • Items returned without cases, boxes or inserts.
  • Books returned without their slipcovers.
  • Items returned with damaged or missing barcodes.

Charges for returned checks are added at the discretion of the library.


Books by Mail is a free service for borrowers who are unable to use the library due to a temporary or permanent disability. Borrowers are provided with materials that meet their individual needs or interests. While using this service, Books by mail customers will receive their requests by mail only.

After registering for the Books by Mail service, materials will be sent to your home in a reusable mailbag through the United States Postal Service.

To help make Books by Mail work for you:

  • When returning items, reverse the address card. The card is addressed and postage is stamped for return mail.
  • Due dates are printed on the receipt. Items are due 3 weeks from check out. Please make an effort to return the materials by the due date or renew if you need more time.
  • Borrowers will be charged for lost or damaged materials.
  • There may be a wait for new books or bestsellers. The library makes every effort to fill requests quickly.

Email or call the Central Library in Denton for more information about Books by Mail.

Fees reviewed and approved by Board of Library Trustees 10-14-15