Library Strategic Plan

Proposed Strategic Plan FY 2017 – FY 2019

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees for Caroline County May 4, 2016


The Caroline County Public Library brings people, information and ideas together to increase knowledge, build community, and enrich lives.

The Strategic Plan will focus on our Core Services; Management Goals; and our Three Pillars of Service: Education, Economic Growth, and Enrichment. These Pillars are based on our community’s feedback and needs, and establish the library as the county’s center for lifelong learning, economic growth support, and cultural enrichment opportunities.

Assessment will be based on what we accomplish, how many people benefited, and targeted feedback.


1. Provide a virtual branch that is welcoming, current and easy to access.
2. Serve as a hub of community engagement, establishing the library as a key connector for community members and businesses, agencies and services.
3. Provide information assistance and research support.
4. Offer books and materials in a variety of print and digital formats.
5. Continue staff development and training to support evolving services.
6. Develop opportunities and increase access to our training facilities.


1. Facilities
• Keep all three locations well-maintained, safe, and inviting through renovation and reconfiguration of space.

2. Technology
• Provide access to current technology and skilled staff to assist with its use.

3. Marketing and Development
• Continue the library’s marketing strategy to ensure county residents are informed about what the library offers.
• Develop a fundraising plan and evaluate on an annual basis.


1. Children Ready for Kindergarten: Early Learning for children and their caregivers
• Provide access to high-quality materials for preschool children and their caregivers.
• Provide early education support and instruction through family engagement.

2. Youth Advance in STEAM Learning
• Provide fun, free-choice, out-of-school STEAM experiences that support student achievement and create lifelong learners.

3. Teens Succeed
• Along with community partners, create a bundle of services and programs that will strengthen and diversify the county’s services for teens.

4. Seniors Succeed
• Increase seniors’ financial independence and safety through informative programs, materials and services.


1. Adjunct Career Center
• In partnership with other agencies, continue to develop services that meet the needs of local job searchers.

2. Business Supporter
• Assist businesses through the provision of information, programs, technology resources, meeting space, and promotion.

3. Information Center
• Increase awareness of the library as the community’s premier information resource through skilled information professionals and targeted marketing of community information, databases, and downloadable resources.
• Support efforts to improve the Caroline Health Report Card by providing family health information and programs.
• Support community efforts towards reducing food insecurity in Caroline County by providing information, referrals, and coordination.


1. Arts and Culture
• Create and facilitate opportunities for Caroline County residents to access a variety of visual and performing arts through hosting our own events and providing space for other groups to hold cultural programs.
• Preserve and make available local history and genealogy through the creation and implementation of a countywide preservation and digitization plan.