NOTICE: Federalsburg Branch Closed temporarily until 2pm today

Due to a facilities issue, the Federalsburg Branch of the Caroline County Public Library will be closed until 2pm today 7/23/19

Enhanced database offerings for customers!

Our database collection for this year has expanded!
Please check out all the databases available for Library Customers!!!

Databases by Subject matter --- Alphabetical list of Databases.

We're Hiring!!!

The Caroline County Public Library seeks an enthusiastic, energetic, community-oriented individual to provide customer service and programming at all locations. Please see the full job announcementfor further information.

Meeting Room Responsibilities

The Caroline County Public Library does not have maintenance or janitorial staff. We depend on you to help us provide a shared meeting space for the community.

For All Meeting Rooms

The meeting room should be kept in the following condition:

Chairs All chairs should be returned to the racks 12 chairs fit on each rack
Tables 4 tables can remain standing. All other tables should be returned to the racks.
Clean Up (Sweeper is in the closet of Large Mtg Rm) Please wipe down tables if needed. Use the floor sweeper if needed.
Trash All trash should be put into the large covered trash cans.
Lights Turn off all lights when leaving.
Doors Close all doors when leaving.

Do not block exit or closet doors.

Do not place anything under the descending screen in the Large Meeting Room.

Please notify library staff if you did not find the meeting room in order upon your arrival. Call 410-479-1343 or email: