NOTICE: Federalsburg Branch Closed temporarily until 2pm today

Due to a facilities issue, the Federalsburg Branch of the Caroline County Public Library will be closed until 2pm today 7/23/19

Enhanced database offerings for customers!

Our database collection for this year has expanded!
Please check out all the databases available for Library Customers!!!

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We're Hiring!!!

The Caroline County Public Library seeks an enthusiastic, energetic, community-oriented individual to provide customer service and programming at all locations. Please see the full job announcementfor further information.

Public Fax Services Policy

The Caroline County Public Library is pleased to offer fax services to the public from its locations in Denton, Greensboro and Federalsburg. By allowing library staff to fax your document, customers agree to the following:

  • We Send Only - We Do Not Receive
  • The cost to send a fax, both for local and long distance, is $1.
  • Faxes will not be sent to international numbers, including Canada and Mexico.
  • If the receiving party’s number is busy, staff will make a total of 3 attempts to transmit the fax. If the party’s number is busy all three times, the customer must take their document with them, and may return the next business day. At that time, staff will make 3 more attempts.
  • Customers are expected to remain in the library while staff is faxing their document and issuing the transmission report.
  • Customers are responsible for ensuring their fax was received by the other party, even if the library’s fax machine reports it was a successful transmission.
  • Transmission reports will be printed out and handed to the customer after each transaction is completed, at no extra cost.
  • Any faxing documents left at the library may be destroyed within 24 hours if no claim is made to them.
  • A receipt may be issued to the customer for the cost of the fax transmission.
  • All customers’ FAX documents will be kept strictly confidential.

Revised and approved by Library Board 10.14.15