Interlibrary Loan

Place a MARINA Request.

There will be a $1 charge for all Interlibrary Loans not picked up after being notified.

There will be a $5 charge for ALL OCLC requests, which may also be subject to the additional $1 charge if not picked up.

How do you know if you are requesting a book via OCLC? The OCLC book request form is reached one of two ways.

  1. Once you log in to Marina, if you click My Account and choose Request a Book, you are entering an OCLC request.
  2. If you search Marina for an item that no library in Maryland lends (this frequently applies to DVDs), you might be offered a link to "Place an ILL request". This takes your request to the Book Request form and begins an OCLC request.

Still not sure if your request is Marina or OCLC?

How do I get a title not owned by Caroline County Public Library?

Titles not owned by the Caroline County Public Library may be obtained through our Interlibrary Loan Service, which includes:

Marina -- a statewide lending cooperative which draws from Maryland public libraries

OCLC   -- a national lending collaborative ($5 per item charge for items borrowed via OCLC)

There is $1 charge for Interlibrary loan materials not picked up within 7 days. Cancel unneeded requests by calling the library at 410.479.1343 ext 1 or emailing




You can use Marina to request materials from other Maryland public libraries. Items obtained through Marina are free of charge. The late fee for Interlibrary loan items not returned or renewed by the due date is $1 per day.

Materials obtained though Marina may be renewed once.

Only items currently checked in are "Requestable".

Library systems may not lend some types of materials through Marina. and are listed as "Not Requestable" in search results. If you find that no items are requestable and click on the link to place an ILL request, you are using the OCLC system. Items reserved this way will incur a $5 per item request.

How to search Marina and request materials

How to check the status of Marina requests




To obtain materials not available through Marina, request an OCLC Loan. This screen has "Book Request" at the top. Please make sure you have checked our catalog and the Marina lending service before you place an OCLC request.

This service requires that customers pay $5.00 per item request and $10.00 per serial request to recover associated shipping costs, copyright, and duplication fees.

You can make OCLC requests:

  • By using the online Marina Book Request form. Please provide complete information about the item you are requesting (author, title, edition, publication date) and any deadline that applies.
  • At any Caroline County Public Library location
  • By contacting the Central Library by phone at 410.479.1343 ext 1, or by email at

OCLC materials are loaned for 21 days, but some lending libraries may require a shortened loan period or other restrictions on use of their material. OCLC materials cannot be renewed.