Library Code of Conduct

The Board of Library Trustees has established the Code of Conduct in order to provide a safe and welcoming environment for customers and staff. All Library customers should adhere to the following:

1. Appropriate clothing/footwear is required.
2. Talk in a quiet voice and refrain from cell phone conversation in the Library.
3. Use headphones for all audio.
4. Snacks and covered beverages are allowed in most areas of the library. In the Central Library and Federalsburg Branch, meals may be eaten in the Library Café.
5. Adults not accompanied by a child or not actively using Youth materials may not be in the Youth Areas. Youth Areas are defined as areas with materials, technology, and activities for youth under the age of 18.
6. Tobacco/cigarettes of any kind, lighters/open flame and illegal drugs are prohibited on Library property.
7. Alcohol is prohibited on Library property unless it is to be served at a pre-approved event with a library staff member present.
8. Animals, other than service animals, may not be inside or left unattended outside the Library.
9. Sleeping or loitering on Library property is prohibited.
10. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s behavior.
11. No child under the age of 8 years may be left unattended and must be accompanied by a responsible person at least 13 years old. Maryland Family Law Article, §5-801
12. Any behavior that hinders use of the Library, Library materials, programs at the Library, or interferes with Library staff is prohibited. Such behavior includes but is not limited to the following:
• Any activity prohibited by law.
• Loud talk, language that is generally considered rude or inappropriate that disturbs other individuals.
• Damaging or defacing Library property.
• Violent, threatening or harassing behavior either verbally or physically.
• Use of skateboards, bicycles or other sports equipment on Library property.
• Buying, selling or soliciting for personal or commercial gain without permission of the Executive Director.
• Possession, sale or use of alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or weapons on Library property.
• Intoxication or behavior leading to suspicion of intoxication.
• Offensive personal hygiene.
• Refusal to comply with staff request.
• Offenders will be asked to leave the premises and may be subject to suspension of library privileges.
13. Staff may ask customers to leave if adults or children exhibit overt signs of illness causing reason to believe they may pose a risk to the health or safety of others.

Offenders will be asked to leave the premises and may be subject to suspension of library privileges.


Revised and approved by the Board of Library Trustees via email May 11, 2020 and reaffirmed June 10, 2020