Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service provided to support Caroline County Public Library by increasing our access to materials and information. The purpose of this service is to gain access to materials not owned by Caroline County or the Eastern Shore Regional Library. The ILL service includes searches through Marina and OCLC.

Before placing an ILL, please make sure you have checked our catalog for the material.


Marina is a lending cooperative for Maryland public libraries, meaning materials requested from Marina are pulled from other Maryland public libraries.

You can place a Marina request by following the steps on the link below.

How to Use Marina

Existing users can go directly to Marina by clicking here.


OCLC is a national lending collaborative. OCLC is only to be used if materials are not available through our catalog or Marina.

You can make OCLC requests:

  • By logging on to the Marina website with your library card and using the online Marina Book Request form. Please provide complete information about the item you are requesting (author, title, edition, publication date) and any deadline that applies.
  • At any Caroline County Public Library location
  • By contacting the Central Library by phone at 410.479.1343, or by email at


If you have any questions or problems submitting an ILL, please contact us by phone at 410.479.1343, or by email at