Caroline County Public Library Laptop and Hotspot
User Agreement/FAQ

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What is a hotspot?

  • A small personal device that creates a small area of Wi-Fi coverage allowing nearby Wi-Fi devices to connect to the Internet. In other words, the device serves as a link between nearby Wi-Fi devices and a cellular data network.

Why would I need a hotspot?

  • If your household has no or limited Internet access, a wi-fi hotspot will let you access email, websites, streaming media, and more from your home.
  • A wi-fi hotspot will help you see whether obtaining permanent wireless service is feasible in your area.
  • Click here to see hotspots in the catalog, or call 410-479-1343 x106 to request we place a hold.

What do I receive when I check out a hotspot?

  • You will receive a hotspot case, the hotspot, charging cord, wall plug, and hotspot instructions.

What do I receive when I check out a laptop?

  • You will receive a laptop in a case, a charger, charging cord, a mouse, and a copy of this agreement in a bag.

What operating system does this laptop run?

  • The laptop runs Windows 10. The display will look similar to most of the library’s public computers.

How do I save files with this laptop?

  • Library devices use Deep Freeze to restrict data from being saved to the hard drive.
  • Users are responsible for saving to cloud-based services, to a temp folder on the desktop of the laptop (called “Put Your Files Here”), or to a USB drive.

What happens to the files I saved? Will anyone see my browsing history?

  • Contents saved to the temp folder will be erased when the laptop is checked in.
  • Computers will be wiped clean after each user and before circulating to any other customers.
  • Before returning the laptop, make sure you have a copy of any files you created (either in an online cloud service or a USB drive).

Who can check out a hotspot or laptop?

  • Caroline County Public Library cardholders with active accounts in good standing.
    • No overdue items at any Eastern Shore Regional Library.
    • No outstanding charges at any Eastern Shore Regional Library.
  • Borrower must be at least eighteen years old.

How many devices can I check out at once?

  • One hotspot and one laptop may be borrowed per household at one time.

How long are hotspots and laptops checked out for?

  • Checkouts are for a week.
  • Hotspots and laptops may be renewed, as long as there is no holds queue.

What will happen if I do not return the hotspot or laptop on time?

What happens if the device or accessories are damaged in my care?

  • If you return a hotspot and/or laptop overdue, you cannot check out another device for three months.
  • Overdue hotspots will stop working after 24 hours of becoming overdue.
  • You are responsible for all items while they are in your care. You will be charged for the damage or missing parts accordingly.
  • Replacement costs for the various parts are as follows:
    • Hotspot: $150
    • Hotspot USB Cord: $20
    • Hotspot Wall Charger: $20
    • Hotspot Case: $25
    • Laptop: $400
    • Mouse: $25
    • Laptop Charging Cord: $25
    • Bookbag: $50

What are my responsibilities if I have a hotspot or laptop checked out?

  • The borrower of the hotspot and/or laptop assumes responsibility for the condition of that item while it is checked out to them. They are liable for any and all damaged or missing pieces, regardless of how the damage occurred.
  • The borrower of the hotspot and/or laptop is responsible for monitoring the use of that hotspot by other parties.
    • The Caroline County Public Library is not responsible for the content of the Internet or for any personal information shared while using the device.
    • As per the library’s Internet Use Policy, any restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the child’s parent or legal guardian.
  • The borrower of the hotspot and/or laptop must not use the device to engage in illegal activity or violations of the library’s Internet Use Policy. The borrower is liable for all damages resulting from such activity. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Illegal file-sharing or other copyright infringement methods
    • Failure to comply with State and Federal obscenity laws
    • Uses involving unauthorized access to others’ devices
    • Offering any illegal substance for sale or use
    • Compromising the safety and security of minors

Are there any special care instructions?

  • The hotspot and/or laptop must not be left in a hot, cold, or humid environment (vehicle, outdoors, etc.)
  • The hotspot and/or laptop must not get wet.
  • The hotspot’s SIM card must not be removed.
  • Once fully charged, the hotspot should not be left plugged in. (This will damage the battery.)
  • The laptop must not be disassembled.
  • The hotspot and/or laptop should be returned fully charged.

How do I get help with the hotspot and/or laptop while I have it checked out?

  • Call the library for over the phone tech assistance.
  • Bring the device into the library for in person staff help.