Genealogy and Local History

Ancestry Library edition –  Birth, marriage, and death records as well as obituaries and so much more.
Denton Journal – In library use only. Searchable collection of Denton, Maryland newspaper from 1870-1965.
Greensboro Historical Society Almshouse Ledger – This collection, from the Greensboro Historical Society, contains a Caroline County Almshouse Ledger covering the years 1901 to 1940 genealogy pages –’s Genealogy section offers an up-to-date repository of information about Caroline County agencies and organizations of genealogical or historical interest. – features a searchable database of national, regional, and local newspapers including Times Record (Denton), Star-Democrat (Easton), Bay Times (Stevensville), Crisfield Times, 
Dorchester Star (Cambridge), Kent County News (Chestertown), and Record Observer (Centreville).