Self Service Digitization Station

Have you been wondering what to do with those boxes of old VHS tapes, documents and photo albums you have in storage?

Preserve your cherished memories and make them easier to share with friends and family by converting them to a digital format using the Caroline County Public Library’s self-service Digitization Station.

Unlike physical items, such as photograhs, papers and cassette recordings, digitized files will not fade or deteriorate over time and can easily be copied, shared and stored in a safe location.

The CCPL Digitization Station includes the following equipment:

Note: External storage is recommended to save the digital copies of your items. This includes USB flash drives, external hard drives and writable CD’s and DVD’s. USB Flash drives can be purchased at the circulation desk for $10. Files may also be saved to cloud storage.

Due to the specialized nature of this equipment and the often time consuming nature of the digitization process we ask you to please make an appointment to use Digitization Station in advance.

This allows us to guarantee that all necessary equipment is available and that a trained staff member can be on hand to assist you if necessary. Please call 410-479-1343 (ext. 106) to make your appointment today!

Introductory Videos and Tutorials: