The Sound of Progress?

Progress is Loud

If you’ve visited the Central Library in Denton over the past few weeks chances are you’ve heard what we like to affectionately refer to as “the sound of progress.” In this case, progress is actually the sound of jackhammers and saws cutting away trenches of concrete in order to accommodate new electric and data cables. Thankfully, we were spared the brunt of the noise here on the second floor of the Central Library. In most cases, the work downstairs wasn’t even loud enough to mask the sobs coming from our Library Director’s office, which is right above the area where most of the work was being done.

Fortunately, it looks like a majority of the noisy work is behind us. With most of the trenching work completed, the contractors will soon start priming the library for paint and framing up the new walls that our plan calls for. It’s really exciting for us to start seeing the blueprints for this renovation come to life one improvement or addition at a time. We very much appreciate your patience and understanding as this renovation progresses! Don’t forget that while the first floor of the Central Library may be closed due to renovations we still have library services and a small browsing collection available on the second floor.