Structural Engineering

Renovation Update #12

The renovation of the first floor of the Central Library in Denton will provide a variety of exciting improvements to the our main library. This past week, we’ve seen some real progress on one of the focal points of this renovation; opening up the children’s area by removing a wall that divided the Easy and Juvenile sections of our youth services department. We have been very excited to see progress on this aspect of the renovation because we understood how difficult the process would be since the wall in question was load bearing and supported a chimney that ran to the top of the building. After being told that taking the wall down was impossible during previous renovations our architect and contractors worked together to come up with a plan to safely dismantle the wall. Over the past few weeks the contractors have been bracing up the surrounding area with incredibly heavy metal beams so that they could safely remove the block wall.                

We’ve been told that once the structural bracing was complete the actual removal of the wall was fairly simple. One day the wall was there, the next day it was in pieces. We weren’t allowed on the first floor during the demolition process but based on the messy aftermath we can only assume that it was a great deal of fun. By removing this wall we hope to improve customer safety, security and access to library materials and services in this part of the library while also making our new family restroom more accessible. Now that the most complex part of the renovation has been completed we are super excited to see what comes next!