The Roof Saga - Part 2

Potentially Closing 9/28 - 9/30

Due to weather and unexpected delays the roof replacement at the Central Library in Denton was not finished in the timeframe we had hoped for. We are currently planning on being closed at Central on September 28 – 30 to allow the roofers to finish their work. This schedule is obviously highly dependent on good weather, so if it rains on Thursday, September 28 or Friday, September 29 we will plan on opening the Central Library from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM. We have to be highly flexible in order to get this work done so we appreciate your patience during this process and apologize for any inconvenience

Renovation Update #19

While the roof replacement may not have gone as planned we were able to use that time to get a great deal done inside the library. Our staff spent the past two weeks unboxing and shelving over 15,000 items that had to be put in storage back in January due to the renovation. With books and DVDs back on the shelves it’s finally starting to look like a library again! Over the next few weeks we will continue to unpack the rest of our Central Library collection while we wait for our final inspections and delivery of new furniture so that we can finally reopen the first floor. The situation is still fluid and we don’t have a definitive date for reopening the first floor to the public but we anticipate that it will happen before the new year and are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be sometime this fall. Stay tuned for more updates!