The Walls Are Up!

Renovation Update #10

The past few months of renovation have seen substantial changes to the first floor of the Central Library in Denton. The drop ceiling has been removed, old tiles and carpet scraped from the floor, and trenching for new electric and network cables has been cut into the concrete foundation. Essentially, the first floor needed to be stripped bare before the task of rebuilding could begin. As of this posting, we are finally at the point in the renovation where the joys of demolition are slowly giving way to the work of construction, which is less fun but much more pleasing to the eye.

Construction efforts over the past week or so have focused on framing a few additional walls for our new Makerspace Office and storage closet in the children’s area as well as pouring a fresh concrete foundation for what will soon become our new family restroom! It is very exciting to see these new additions come together and we can’t wait until we can welcome our amazing customers back to the first floor of the Central Library to see all of the improvements that have been made during this renovation period. Don’t forget that you can take a look at what we planned for our Denton Branch improvements any time you like.